It's here!!!!

Finally, I can announce the details of the much planned summer competition! For full details, see

Many thanks to for being so patient with me during the run up to the competition!

Kind regards


After the sterling entries posted for the inaugural competition, we’re pleased to announce the summer sequel to the Digital Director competition.

In the mould of Mad Max: Road Warrior, God Father: Part II and The Empire Strikes Back, we intend to make this sequel better than the original. As such, Video Forums UK have teamed up with Chris Worth Productions, a leading provider of royalty free music, to get your creative juices flowing.

The competition is open to all members of the forums and there are four categories in which to express your creativity:

Category 1: Home Movies (e.g. family and holiday etc) – Millers Rag - preview here
Category 2: Sports and Recreation (e.g football, skateboarding etc) – Full Throttle - preview here
Category 3: Short Film (e.g documentary, short, animation or trailer) – Sinister – preview here
Category 4: Freesytle – Your choice of any song from the extensive CWP catalogue at (with a substantial discount for forums members)
click here for more details and to enter