I'm new to this forum so if questions are stupid please bear with me.

Using Pinnacle Studio 10.7

2 no. problems :-

Synchronisation of picture and Sound : On a 30min (completed edited length) DVD, sync starts OK but within approx 10 mins it goes out by around a sec, then for some reason it comes back in again only to repeat the problem. Have tried locking picture and moving sound across but this not accurate enough. It's almost as if, when you crop and cut out a section,it isn't cutting both at the same point - though why it comes back again I've no idea.

Second problem : I like to start (and finish) with a black screen, fading from black into a caption which I generate in another programme, then fade into the video proper. This works great until I put music on the bottom track (to smooth the whole thing out). This causes interference on the sound track, and sometimes on the picture (black), which ceases when the caption fades in. For the remainder of the video I have no problem with adding CD music or picture until I come to the end, which gives me the same problem as at the begining, this of course being the reverse procedure as the front-end.

Anybody experienced the same thing or any ideas on a solution?

Thanks everybody,

All the best, Jeff.