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Thread: Video Not Appearing on Sony Vegas?

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    Default Video Not Appearing on Sony Vegas?

    Hi, i need help ASAP.

    When i import or drag and drop via desktop into Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro the VIDEO does NOT show, but you can still hear the audio. Is it the file too big?

    File Size - 140MB

    File Type - DivX Video

    I imported another DivX video and it showed the video and audio without a problem. Although it's much smaller , 17mb.

    Thanks alot for any help given.

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    If it played one it should play the other. It could be that you need to check the split screen settings, if you click on the icon above the video preview screen the image can vanish and the audio stay. Try clicking on it and the video will probably return.

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    i think there must be problem with right codec also do you able to hear sound.

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