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Thread: Whats best for just editing?

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    Default Whats best for just editing?

    I have a HDD Camcorder (Sony Sr-42) so dont need to bother capturing anything etc as the files are all in MPG format. Its fantastic for switching it straight to my computer and i can watch it no probs on win media player.

    I am trying to fnd a decent mpg/avi editor.

    The mpg's need to be easily edited. The software must have:
    1. The ability to just easily crop the sections out that i dont want from the mpgs
    2. The abilty to merge the mpgs together into a big mpg file

    I am not bothered about putting it straight onto dvd (I can do that using nero vision express at a later stage if needs be), i would prefer the ability to make an mpg file. So i am not looking at software that only has an output as dvd project.

    I have been trying numerous software packages (on trials) but am confused, a few of them were wanting extra money for codecs, and others were too complex:
    pinnacle studio 11 - seemed to be requesting mpg codecs
    Sony Vegas - confusing and didnt appear to have the above functionality i required
    Roxio easy dvd creator - i think this one also missed the relevant codecs
    avs video editor - this seemed to have all the functions i require (I think) and if there is another program like this i would love to know
    Windows movie maker - seemed not to have the functionality

    I may be wrong about the above if so please correct me. I would love to know which is the bet for my needs. I dont go over the top for adding effects but if it has it built in it would be a bonus (i.e. being able to add a title at the start), but its not essential.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease give me recommendations!

    Cheers, Steve

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    Sony Vegas does have the functionality, to split, crop, etc and all sorts of editing on MPG clips. Although I guess confusion is a matter of both opinion and capability.

    If you are completely new to video editing try the Trial of Corel's Video Studio 11 or Adobe's Premiere Elements (v3 Please because v4 is a bit buggy).

    Also refer to Mr Chapman's sticky at the top of this forum.

    Good luck
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    Agree with Purejammy that consumer programs should do all you want and more and the user interfaces are much easier to learn and have editing fun with.

    I suggest ULead Video Studio - latest version eleven has a free trial version for download.

    You don't need to spend many $$$$ for a Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere.

    You need to make sure your hard drive Sony is set for maximum digital quality recording. If by mpeg you mean mpeg2 your are not getting a good quality image.

    I'm not familiar with your model Sony but I hope it can be set to record at or near miniDV quality at the least. If so you can record about one hour of video per 13gig or hard drive space or about 2 1/2 hrs with your hard drive size.

    Be sure you transfer those images via firewire pc input as avi file type.

    Once safely on your hard drive at highest capture quality then you can open in most editing programs. Your edited program must be rendered out as mpeg2 file for conversion to dvd vob files where at that point you can add chapter menus and whatever.

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    A HDD Camcorder (Sony Sr-42) is set to record in mpeg quality so it cannot shoot at the same quality as Mini DV and will not have a Firewire connection.

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    Cheers peeps.

    I will retry sony vegas to see if i can get the hang of it, and also try out ulead, corel and adobe premiere.

    Do all of these allow me to save as mpeg format?

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    The capture control software should capture at whatever file type/quality you select. I recall that ULead default captures analog low quality stuff as mpeg2 and the much higher dv type stuff as avi but you can go into the Capture Setting menu and manually select file capture you want.

    I'm sure the other applications do the same.

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    Have you tried a program called TMPGEnc, you indicated that your files are already in MPG and you wish to further those. The TMPGEnc DVD Author only excepts MPG files and will allow you to edit them.

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    Not tried TMPGEnc but will give it a go.

    Still using trials till i am 100% happy in buying the right software. So far that Adobe Premiere looks good but will retry sony vegas and TMPGEnc.

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