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Thread: Perfect off the shelf editing PC sub 1000??

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    Default Perfect off the shelf editing PC sub 1000??

    I'm looking for a new editing PC for somewhere under 1000. Ideally I'm looking for something "off the shelf" rather than buiilding it least I then have someone to poke with a stick if it isnt all compatible!

    So, here are the details:
    • Editing on Adobe Premiere
    • Filming on Mini DV with a view of upgrading to HD in the next year
    • Output to the web, or DVD
    • PC, not MAC
    • I already own 2 x 22" monitors and associated hardware
    Please recommend systems, rather than individual components if possible, or other altrnatives I should consider.

    Hope you can help, thanks!!


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    Go for 4 cores and 2 drives and 2 gig of ram. Avoid slow ram as you can get bottlenecks.
    Looks like you have enough cash.

    Spec a fast fast c drive (raptor 10000) for progs and apps - really worthwile.

    You may also be able to afford a raid array for the media drives - some consdior this essentail whilst others dont see the need - it depends how concerned you are at loosing video if a drive fails - mirroring the drives ensures you are very unlikely to ever lose any video. Safe raid does cost, 2 50o gig drives will only give you 500 gig to use, but it is very safe.

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    Off the shelf,i bought an HP Pavillion,model number A6150,from John Lewis,with 2 year guarantee,without monitor for 650.
    Specs are
    Quad core q6600,2.4ghz
    2gb ram
    nvidia 8400sg graphics card,256mb ram,analogue svideo & dvi & hdmi output.
    dual layer drive.
    6 x usb
    2 x firewire
    other audio sockets which i haven't used
    built in card reader 15 in 1
    Vista home premium.
    i just added a double esata port(5 from maplin) on the rear for connecting an external harddrive.
    The pc also comes with a seperate "pocket" portable harddrive,80gb, wich slides in and out of the front of the pc,much like a vhs cassette goes into a video recorder.
    I have vegas pro 8 on this and it renders fast ! ie HD down to SD in about 2x.
    I connected my Samsung monitor and it looks sweet.

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