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Thread: PD170 and Dsr-11 for sale

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    Default PD170 and Dsr-11 for sale

    I am selling my trusty PD-170 as I'm moving to HDV.

    It's only been used for my own work and not hired out or anything.
    It has all the original accessories that came with it and also the original box.
    It's hours are:
    Operation - 48 x 10H
    Drum Run - 25 x 10H
    Tape Run - 17 x 10H
    Threading - 66 x 10

    It comes with an aluminium flight case and an extra battery

    1200 ovno

    I will also be selling my DSR-11.
    Its hours are:

    Operation - 52 x 10H
    Drum Run - 16 x 10H
    Tape Run - 11 x 10H
    Threading - 31 x 10

    It's just out of it's warranty period and I've lost the flipping manual
    (but I'm sure it can be downloaded)

    I'm looking for 1000 ovno

    but I would sell it together with the PD-170 for 2000

    I'm based in Glasgow but I'm sure I can get it couriered, or even drive it down myself (if it's not too far, for a decent price.
    Voodoophone-the Movie

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    Does the deck play & record dv as well as dvcam?

    Big and small dv tapes ?

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    Yes, it does indeed play and record both DV and DVCAM, and it takes both sizes of tapes.

    Hope that helps.

    Voodoophone-the Movie

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    PD 170 now sold.

    DSR-11 remains for sale.

    Voodoophone-the Movie

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    Broke for the next month - if the DSR-11 aint sold in a few weeks, PM me. Will try to keep a watch on this thead too.

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    DSR-11 is atill currently available.

    I'm after a decent tripod (Pro 5 or similar) so would also be interested in a tripod plus cash deal.

    Otherwise I guess I'll do the Ebay route.

    Cheers all
    Voodoophone-the Movie

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