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    I film mountain biking events i enter, and film the event on and off my bike. i use a helmet camera. i'm looking for a peice of DVD authoring software that will allow me to make a menu that will allow you to choose to watch either the helmet cam footage or the main footage.

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    Okay- I'm not the bigger brain posting here but if I understood your question there are several answers.

    One I will offer is you can have the 'first play' or default of your dvd to be a menu. Viewers can then select helmet view or "regular" view.

    Those two selections can have their own scene or chapter menus available once the first selection has been made.

    Most any dvd creation software will support the above. I like using DVDitPE from Sonic.

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    May not be the cheapest solutioon around but I use Adobe Encore and it is more than capable of doing what you want.

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