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Thread: bad quality through fraps

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    Default bad quality through fraps

    I've been capturing alot of video using fraps at about 20 fps and full resolution. Now, when I open the video clip file I get fantastic quality, the same as I see when I play.
    However when I take that video clip and throw it in any movie maker program I get distorted quality. I mostly use Cyberlink powerdirector, and I was curious is there is anything I can do the get better when I put it in a movie maker. Any way i could reformat the video so I don't lose quality? I'm not sure...

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    Sounds like your raw file isn't supported by editing program.

    Could be you need to transcode to a file type that is supported. Example is I had an avi/DivX file with an unusual codec that none of my editing software would properly recognize and support so I used a transcode utility to change it to a more common file type that my programs would recognize - problem solved.

    There are free transcode utilities available online - I suggest a google search.

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