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Thread: edit the .ifo .bup files etc. natively?

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    Default edit the .ifo .bup files etc. natively?

    I am looking for a video editing solution that will allow me to edit a commercial DVD without audio & video degradation from being forced to convert .ifo .bup files etc. to .avi or .mpeg etc. Is there anything that can edit the .ifo .bup files etc. natively? Entry level video editing programs, such as pinnacle Studio 10 etc. don't allow this, I understand Adobe Premiere doesn't either! Your experience & insight would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I dont know what ifo and bup files do but I do know tay do not contain vid or audio - that is all in the .vob files - really just mpeg2.

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    Post How to edit .VOB file without quality degradation...

    I guess that is really the question I wanted to ask. Each program I have tried converts it into MPEG or something, and the quality is terrible... However, I know it is certainly possible, since I know companies like CleanFlicks have been doing a very professional job of editing commerical DVD's for years to remove profanity, nudity, etc.

    Does anyone here know the answer to how it is done???

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