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    I'm working on a video and in one portion I needed to scale up the video, however, the rest of the video is wide screen so I wanted to get that to match but, I seem to be having major trouble with that. I added some black bars on top of all the videos (just by cropping "Black Video") and that seems to work for the most part, however, many times what I see in the panel is not what i get when I export. Apparently, the stuff "not seen" by the viewer is still there and not cropped off like I expected. Is there anyway to see to it that it does crop off everything not seen in the viewer or am I just stuck? Here's an example of what is going low quality. This particular clip is changed in scale and then also changes position periodically. The other bars are dancing around because of that position change, I assume, however, on my viewer again it looks perfect, however, you can see it's not those bars falling back from and forward to where they were placed. (I keyframed every frame it would let me with cropping "scale" and like I said, it looks just fine but the export version does not) The stable black bars are just a video layer placed over it at where I'd like the cropping to be and remain. Basically, I want the whole video to be equally letter boxed and that seems really easy but I seem to be having no end of trouble with it.

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