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Thread: Cheap Mac displays and monitors?

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    Default Cheap Mac displays and monitors?

    Hi everyone,

    I intend to use a Mac Pro for video editing.

    Can anyone recommend where's best for displays/monitors, cheaper the better (even second hand might do), that could be used with a Mac Pro please?

    Surely there's something cheaper available than the pricey Apple Cinema displays. Could normal PC monitors be compatible I wonder?

    I'm a total Mac newbie by the way.

    Any suggestions welcome

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    I'm seeing lots of monitor/display pages that boast they are compatible with Windows Vista but there is no mention of compatibility with Macs.

    Is there any way I might be able to tell from the product specificaton detail page of a monitor/display that it might be suitable for a Mac?

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    HI there - Formac is a popular display in the mac community.

    Welcome to Formac - Experience a new perspective

    They make excellent displays.

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