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Thread: a few different questions for a newbie :)

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    Default a few different questions for a newbie :)


    ive done a little (VERY little) editing in AP

    i recorded a pool match using 2 home video cams
    then loaded all the footage on the computer and cut and added the clips in when i wanted to change camera

    this was a LOOOONNNGGG process

    is there a quick way
    i presumed ud be able to put all the clips over each other then say which one was visable and which was not, is that not the case?

    also i want to put a score board on screen last time i just made a new graphic for each score line and added it in at hte correct time

    maybe im being plain lazy but it seems the above things should be quite simple yet they take me a long time to do

    you can check out the video i made below
    Blackball Video

    also doing it like i did ment that the aduio jumped when the clip moved is there a way to take the audio from one camera and just us that one??

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    I would recommend some tutorials to help you get started, maybe a good book as well.
    The Adobe Classroom in a book series is good for starters, and it doesn't hurt to read the online help either. Adobe has a great online help site that will give you a good start on the basic functions.

    There are many sites that have tutorials, some free and some not.
    Learning @ Your Own Pace® - is not free but the cost is well worth what you get.

    There are free tutorials on Premiere Elements here, the programs keyframing and track layout is identical to Premiere Pro so the adjustment should be very easy
    *** Products ***

    All that you have mentioned above are basic editing in Premiere, you should be able to do it quickly and easily. You just need to learn some of the basics and you will be editing like a pro in no time

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