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    Hello, I'm a beginner in Vegas. I have done few videos with game footage. And I would like to know how was so good quality in this videos achieved, by that I mean smoothness.

    video 1: Stage6 · caelu SILKROADMOVIE*-*Video and Download*·*caelu

    video 2: Stage6 · Sin - Guild Movie*-*Video and Download*·*gcfranco

    and my Video to show you how recorded game actually looks:

    Stage6 · Defending Babel's Fortress*-*Video and Download*·*Chabz

    I have recorded with max GFX settings, 1680x1050 FRAPS set to record half size. i used color curves, unsharping and brightness adjustments. But I have no idea how to achieve that smoothness and quality from first 2 vids. Thanks.

    edit: video 2, creator says: Encoded in Xvid with good settings. I record at 1600x900 resolution, sometimes 1440x900, with FRAPS set to record at [Half] res. I use Unsharp Masking, Color Curves/Balance, Brightness/Contrast adjustments in Sony Vegas to make the picture look better than what SRO actually looks like.

    But there has to be something else (thats from his youtbue description)
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