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    Hi all, hope you have patience for a newbie! I built a new computer for graphics and web design, and want to be able to do some video editing but know nothing about it. I bought an nvidia video card with the VIVO connector. Will this allow me to capture video from an analogue souce like a VCR? I plugged the RCA cord from the VCR into the VIVO input and the system could not detect a source for video capture. I tried with Nero and Power Director (both came with my DVD Burner). Any help would be appreciated.

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    Make sure you have the WDM drivers installed, then download either VirtualDub or iuvcr and use one of the for capture.
    The makers of iuvcr also have an "enhanced" version of the WDM drivers to download at their site which I recommend.

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    Default THANKS!!


    I can't thank you enough! I downloaded those drivers and programs and will try them out. I'll post how it goes.

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