Analog Videotape Master to YouTube, why is this so hard?

Am I forced to have to use an NLE platform to do this relatively innocuous task?

I seem to be limited to around slightly under 1 mb/second when I create a compressed digital file from my high quality betacam sp analog videotape masters. I'd rather create a compressed digital file that is around 2 to 3 mb/second and then choose whether or not it needs to be recompressed based on the overall running time.

If YouTube gives me a 100mb maximum file limit, I'd rather give them a 50 plus mb file for a thirty second commercial than the 20-25 mb file that seems to be all that my transcoder will allow me to do.
I can't seem to find a product that just works on it's own, they all seem to run off of an NLE system.

The one analog video to digital video file transcoder that I have tried doesn't seem to want to give me more than 1mb per second and I feel the final quality is nowhere near what I could attain if the original files were at least twice as big. If you know of a analog video to digital video transcoder hardware product that I could try please respond here.

Thanks in advance.