First of all, I have to apologize for my poor English.
But I really need help at the moment... so I need to use my poor English to ask for your help.

The source video is DV PAL and after i edited and put effects in Premiere and After Effect, I exported it into MOV. using Sorensen Video 3 for codec because the output is clearest.

I'm really happy with the .mov quality but there's still another process to proceeed, DVD authoring.

I put all .mov files into DVD Studio Pro on MAC but after the authoring process completed, the videos were not clear like they were in .mov from Premiere.

I think because of the mov. compression in DVD Studio Pro that make the quality change.

My Solution is to convert the mov from Premiere to m2v then put m2v into DVD Studio Pro to avoid compression in DVD studio Pro.
The quality of m2v from Premiere is quite good but the problem is I couldn't import them into DVD Studio Pro!!!!

I tried to convert using Premiere again but now I convert using mpeg2-dvd codec. The quality from .mov to mpeg2-dvd is not good but I can import it into DVD Studio Pro

So I have an Idea, I convert .mov to mpeg2 first then convert from mpeg2 to mpeg2-dvd. The quality is acceptable and I can import it into DVD Studio Pro.

I would say the quality is around 5-7% lost from the original and that's the problem I'm finding the solution now.....

Is there any other way to maintain the quality of the video????