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    I want to make my first video with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. Lately I have been making vids with WMM (Windows Movie Maker) and they haven't been so great. So I want to know, is there a nice tutorial that shows how to make a new project, make a title, some transitions, you know, basic stuff.

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    Sony Creative Software web site has a couple of options: a DVD "The Seminar Series" and a spiral-bound training book "Digital Video and AudioProduction".

    The book is half the price of the DVD (and includes its own DVD of material to be used in the training book) and much better in my view. The Seminar Series DVDsuffers from poor blurry screenshots that are difficult to make out all the way through and doesn't seem to be structured into any sort of coherent material.

    The book on the other hand is excellent and slowly leads you by the hand through all the main functionality of the program.


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