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Thread: Need some Advice about Compression

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    Default Need some Advice about Compression

    I havn't had a whole lot of experience posting video to the web....I have a website now and has some of my work (video) examples on my site.

    I'm really having trouble with the size and qaulity of the clips posted on my site. My web desinger needs then as MP4's, so I've been converting .AVI to MP4, and she's posting them to my site.

    I find that if I make them small enough that they load quick, the qaulity goes out the window.....if I try to retain qaulity they take so long to load sometimes I even give up and move on.

    Is there a better way to do this, or a good compression softwear that would?

    I'm using Priemeire Pro CS3 and still just learning the program.

    Any advice would be great!


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    Ask your web designer if mp4 files are the only ones you can upload to the site, if they are then I'm afraid you are stuck with them.

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    This is a tut I wrote about compression - may be of help - but uses .wmv in the example.

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