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Thread: VHS to DVD, Roxio, "protected signal" ???

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    Default VHS to DVD, Roxio, "protected signal" ???

    Have you ever seen a grown man cry? Please sit back and watch.

    I've just bought an amazing PC, if it was a human it would be in Mensa and in the evenings it would bench-press naked women.

    I want to convert home videos to DVD. They are NOT copy right protected.

    I'm using ROXIO to capture the image thru my video capture card.

    I play the VHS's thru a VCR scart to a S-video and a Red and White audio.

    The video is captured for a while, and then when there's say a change of scene or interference Roxio stops capture and warns "signal protected", which is balls. I bought a Macromaster + (video stabilizer) to hopefully stop this, but it didn't work. I've also tried another VCR, no joy.

    When capturing the video thru Roxio I select the composite video option because the S-video is in black and white. But i tried a run thru with the s-video capture option and it thankfully works without the "protected signal"warning, but it's in black and white.


    P.S does anyone want to buy a Macromaster + !!!!
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    I've never personally cared for using Roxio for capture control. Did Roxio come with your super PC or video capture card and that's why you're using it?

    What OS is your PC running? What capture card are you using?

    I have been very happy with a simple consumer level program by ULead called Video Studio.

    It will control motion and still image capture and it does a wonderful job and I have used it to control good capture of hundreds of hours of old home movies from VHS and Betamax and 8mm format vcrs with never a hitch or glitch.

    Video Studio comes bundled "free" with several brands of PC dvd drives/burners so you could check with friends to see if they have a software disc with Video Studio included (unless you are running Windows Vista).

    If you are running Vista I advise that you go to ULead and download the free trial version of Video Studio Version 11 and try it's video card capture control with your tapes.

    If your VHS vcr has S video output you should be able to capture if your card has an S input but (some will argue here) VHS and even Betamax and 8mm camcorder tapes are of such low resolution quality even playing first generation that composite connections should let you capture your video as mpeg2 via composite cables with no visible loss of quality. Of course, S video will be a little better.

    Hope this helps - this is one thing I have done a lot of with (to me and family) very good results. Now at about 70 completed dvd volumes edited and with chapter menus and (again, to me and family) the rendered dvd look just as good on tvs as the original tapes playing.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Cheers. Yeah, Roxio came with it. And it's vista.

    I'll download Ulead now and give it a whirl. I'm all Hardware-experimented out, so I'll try software. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the reply.


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    One other thing. Roxio may be optioned in capture or project settings to stop the capture if it 'senses" a break in the video action.

    You may be able to change a setting from that to whatvever they call Keep Capturing Until I tell You to Stop!!!! and if you can make such a change it could fix the problem.

    Keep the image stabilizer. Who knows, you might come across an old commercial VHS movie that you want to copy and the stabilizer should work like the old TBC (Timebase Corrector) which also defeats the old Macro copy protection of VHS tapes.

    I have one in hand that I bought fair and square but has not bee released on DVD and I would love to be able to capture it - I am looking at EBay for a used Timebase Corrector.
    good luck

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