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Thread: Analogue to Digital conversion

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    Default Analogue to Digital conversion

    Hi everybody,

    Hope I am asking the question in the correct forum but here goes anyway.

    I have a load of Analogue camcorder tapes and would like to load them onto my pc and and after editing, write to DVD.

    I am stumbling at the first step! - Do I buy a 'bridge' such as Hollywood Dazzle around 250 (recommended by Marc somewhere) or do I buy a DVD Recorder 150+ which can normally be used for recording television programs but, I believe, also have A/V analog input ports and DV output ports where I can connect my analog camcorder at one end and my PC at the other? And even if it doesn't have a digital output, the dvd disk output by the recorder can be downloaded onto my pc using my internal DVD drive and then edited.
    I would be very grateful of your advice and suggestions as I am not sure about spending 250 on a bridge which would have no other use and would be redundant after I have downloaded my tapes.

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    Depending on how many videos you have, you might be wise to get it all "professionally" done.

    Other than that, if you can pick up a standalone DVD recorder on the cheapm that would probably be your best, "spend money on something you'll use after and don't mess around with too much technology", bet.
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    Thanks for you help Marc, much appreciated. But can you tell me if I record to a DVD via a DVD recorder, could I then put the DVD disk into my PC, copy the files onto my hard drive and then edit the content using Pinnacle before burning the finished article back to another DVD?
    Would the initial capturing of the analogue recording be of good quality?

    Sorry to ask you further questions but I have many hours of analogue recordings and want to make sure that whatever I have to do or spend, it will be worth while in the end.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Analogue to Digital conversion

    Have you thought of Pinnacle Dazzle fusion. It Costs anywhere between 45-60 and is very straight forward. I have done exactly the same. You can also connect your VHS recorder to it as well and record your VHS tapes to the computer.

    Good luck

    Reg G
    Reg G

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