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    Question need help

    i plug my camcorder into the computer and it imports all the movies and pictures but i cant do stop motion with it please reply telling me why?

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    Not the sharp tool with your question but my personal experience and preference is to "grab" frames or still from motion video during capture. I normally use a ULead program to control capture and it has a stll grab feature which works like clicking the shutter on a still camera.

    Most capture software should have a frame grab feature.

    Somewhere within the "junk yard" of programs that the hard drive on which I keep all my applications there is software that allows frame grabs from already captured camcorder video but I haven't had the need to use it but I'll try to find it as an example to share.

    Anyhow when you set up to capture from your camcorder look in various places in capture mode tools and there should be a "still" capture versus motion capture.

    Other and sharper users will post help I am sure.

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    Do a search on Google for either Stop Motion Pro, the last version I used was version 4 so I presume if it is still being made the number will have changed. Or look for SMAFull (Stop Motion Animator Full) and see if it is still available to download. These are stand alone applications and will allow you to shoot stop motion video with your camcorder and save the files in a number of formats. Let us know if you find any of these two programs.


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