Im looking to get a full hd editing system with Final Cut along with the HVX-200 as well. My questions are the following....

Regarding Computer Hardware for Editing HD Video

1. What type of Hard Drives do i need that will handle HD video footage? Whats the difference between a SATA and RAID drive? What makes one better then other? What RPM speed should my hard drive that is going to run my Operating system be for editing HD video? What RPM speed should my hard drive be that will only hold my HD video files for editing? I mainly want o edit music videos with my setup but also will probably do some other things as well, shorty stories maybe. Not feature length stuff just yet, so would 500GB of empty hard drive space for the footage alone be enough for now atleast being that HD files are so big? I plan on doing music videos immediately like i said soo, i think 500GB should do it, what do u think?

2. What size video card is needed? Will a 256MB video card handle HD video footage enough to display it smoothly etc?

3. Ive heard that its better keep your video footage on an actual external hard drive outside of the computer tower, but is this needed? Why is it better? Could i just keep my footage on a seperate interal hard drive that is seperate from the one that has the operating system on it? Which way is going to give me better performance when editing those massive HD files? Will both be able to handle it either way?

4. Will an intel quad processor be more then enough to handle editing HD video?

Regarding the Panasonice HVX-200

1. Are P2 Cards better than a Panasonic Firestore 100GB hard drive? will a firestore hard drive accept all the video formats that the HVX can shoot? What is your opinion of the HVX? I love it, it looks amazing and the quality is unlike any other of its kind.

Any other info, suggestions or advice you can provideo me with if you have worked with that camera or know anything else that would be beneficial to me, it would be greatly apprecaited.Thank You.