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    Default What monitor do I need

    Well I'm totally confused...

    I found that when I play my captured HD footage from my Canon XHA1 on my PC I get a little jerky playback, especially on panning shots. I found out that its because my monitors refresh rate is set at 60hz (Viewsonic VP2130b). I've checked the footage on my old CRT monitor which was set at 75hz and the playback was silky smooth. Because I shoot in 50i (25fps) I need a refresh rate of either 50,75 or 100. Do you think I can find a good LCD monitor that'll support anything above 60hz at its native resolution.

    Are there any good viewing monitors that are good for viewing video from a PC or is there anything else I can do.

    Hope someones got an idea...


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    You've probably tried this but is there not a drop down menu with a selection of refresh rates above 50hz in the monitor settings?

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    I've tried to alter the refresh rate, but 60hz is the only option at the 1600x1200 native resolution of my monitor using the DVI connection. If I use the VGA lead I have the option for 75hz but then my moniter says it can't support 75hz.

    I was looking into another monitor just for video playback but its going to be harder than I thought.


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