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    I'm I likely to damage the sensors in my camera - XL2 - if I shine a laser beam directly into the lens?

    What I'm thinking about is; would it be safe for an actor holding a gun with a laser pointer turn so the laser beam crossed the front lens.

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    I suppose it all depends on how powerful the laser is? If it can cut through steel then it's probably best avoided but if it is low powered then it's probably safe enough.

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    If it's powerful enough to cut through steel I won't be behind the camera...

    D'you expect me to film?

    No Mr Bond, I expect you to BZZZZZTTTTTT!!!!!

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    No it won't if you are just using a gun sighting laser. The camera is made to pick up the light and now the light is just high intesity red. At the same time it will most likely be all you can see in the picture.

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