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    Default Audio Capture Problem

    I have been trying to sort out my oldish Hi-8 and VHS tapes into Adobe Elements.
    My preferred way (at the moment) is to copy the tapes onto the hard drive on my Sony DVD recorder, then dub onto a disc. This is because I can then capture in Adobe Elements 3.

    The result is good for the video part, but it fails to get the audio! It is on the DVD because I can play the disc in both the PC and my domestic DVD player.

    Does anyone use this method of getting anologue video into a computer for editing. I would be grateful for any help or advice.


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    Best to use a digital converter, less loss of quality and you can capture directly to your computer over firewire into Premiere Pro or Elements

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    You can use either one of two methods, neither of them involve using a stand alone dvd recorder for the reasons outlined in the above reply. Either purchase a capture card or breakout box with analogue video connections on it plus S-video (for your Hi-8 tapes). These usually plug into the USB port on the computer or if you have a Mini DV camcorder with analogue in sockets on it (need to check your instruction manual) then you can connect your VHS deck to the Mini DV and run a Firewire cable from the Mini DV to the computer.

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    One thing to remember is that Premiere Elements will not capture via USB, only Firewire. So if you go the USB capture card route you will need other capture software. I tried that when I first started converting analog tapes, it did not work well and the quality was less than I could live with.

    ADS makes the Pyro Link, Canopus makes a variety of Digital Converters, they connect via firewire and act as a camcorder connected to your PC.

    The suggestion to use a MiniDV camcorder as a passthrough device is a good one, if you already have a MiniDV camcorder that allows passthough, that would be the best solution for you.

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