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    Hey everybody,
    I'm new to this forum but so far you guys look awsome. I am new to video editing but am learning quick. (Started abut a month ago) I was looking for a good editor when I found VMS8 and I liked it immidiately. I was deciding between Magix 12 and Vegas and decided to go Vegas but now am woundering what is the big difference between VMS8 and the MS8+dvd version. Can anybody let me know??
    A little bit about me.
    I am an advanced pc user, use photoshop, publisher, cool edit and now vegas all the time as I have a graphics company that I recently started. I you guys need stuff done you found the guy. Best prices you can get and custom made. You give the pictures and the outline and you get it done!

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    Skirting the question cos i dont know the answer... I would say that anyone with any great ambition in filmmaking will quickly find that only having 4 video tracks is a pain.

    Seriously considor getting the full version o vegas, 8 pro.


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