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    Heey !

    I must order 3DsMax so i can start to make some nice 3d objects, but till then, is it possible to make them in adobe illustrator?
    i just try it out ,but maybe i went wrong somewhere, i made something 3D in illustrator, then imported it like layer in AE and i turn on one 35mm camera but it didnt look like 3d, even i put 3d box on in timeline.

    so is it posible ?
    or i just must wait for my 3dsMax ?

    Thx a lot.

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    After Effects is still just for compositing. It's possible to make convincing 3D effects in After Effects, and it's possible to put objects in 3D space (using the switch you described) but it's not made for true 3D work. Importing your 3D clip to after effects only does this: it displays that 2D clip in 3D space. So, you can move the camera around your clip, and make it interact with other elements and such, but it is still only a 2D clip that may appear 3D when viewed directly from the front.

    There's a TON more to be said about this, but I hope it gets you started. Google for more detailed answers.

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    theres some good stuff at I found it really useful for doing 3d stuff (ken burns effects etc) although I think you'll soon discover that AE is more 2 1/2 d as opposed to 3 d...but you can get some useful stuff from it....depending on what you want , you may find it useful if you visit zakwerkz think thats how you spell it

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    thanks for awnsers !

    i bought 3DsMax and a 9 hours of video training from
    i learning slowly 3d max, just to learn how to make objects and put them in AE.
    then i can use my camera and play all around the objects, i think i can do it in max -but im still no good in it.

    my first thing why did i buy 3dsmax is just to make 3d objects and put them in AE , something like simbols etc.
    so i can play whit camera around it.

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