Hi all,

I'm a long time reader, first time poster. Thought I'd start my posting career by letting you all know that I'm auctioning off some equipment on Ebay. The link is:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=220189316761&ssPa geName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=012

Here is a description of the item:

Item Specifics - Apple Desktops

Product Family: PowerMac

Memory (RAM): 256 MB

Processor Type: PowerPC G3

Hard Drive Capacity: 17 GB

Processor Speed: 400 MHz

Operating System: Mac OS 9

Processor Configuration: Single

Screen Size: 17 inch

Condition: Used

Apple PowerMac 8600/250 G3 PowerPC with FINAL CUT PRO 99p NO RESERVE!!
Up for auction. This computer is a few years old but has been upgraded with extra RAM and an extra Hard Drive (see Specs above).
This Mac used to belong to a professional editor and is a perfect introduction to video editing on a budget. It comes with licensed copies of FINAL CUT PRO (including manual) as well as Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, Clarisworks and various other programmes for image manipulation. The software alone installed on this Mac is worth 100's.
Comes with standard mouse and Apple Extended Keyboard II, which has been modified for video editing (button stickers with Final Cut commands on them).
It comes with a Dell Monitor but I'll also include my Relisys 17" CRT monitor, so if you wish you could set up dual screen editing (Note: You will need to purchase an additional adapter to do this, I am merely supplying the spare monitor).
The back of the Mac has inputs for speakers and microphone (not included), 3 firewire inputs to hook up a digital camcorder, as well as various analogue inputs (S Video, Red/white/yellow inputs). There is also an ethernet connection but I cannot confirm whether you can get online with this machine.
The front of the machine has a floppy drive, CD Drive and Zip Drive.
As I said, this is not a new or massively high spec computer but it is great for someone just starting out in filmmaking but that doesn't want to spend thousands of pounds. It has the power to comfortably handle video/photo editing and the right person could probably squeeze a lot more out of it.

Any questions, let me know!