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    Hi guys,

    I've never done video editing before but I'm sure what I would like to do is possible with the right software.

    I am a DJ and I would like to produce video mixes to give to friends and people in clubs that I DJ at.

    I have recorded a video using my webcam at home and saved it as a windows media file. I would like to use that as the main video and then at the boring parts of the video (i.e between mixes) i would like to layer over muted video clips of ravers from nights I have recorded in the local club.

    I would want to use transition effects to fade the video clips from the club over my original video that I recorded at home with my webcam.

    Is there any software out there that I could do this with?

    Remember I am a total beginner.

    Any help would be great!


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    Windows Movie Maker will do what you are looking for, it just depends on how you plan to 'give' the finished videos to your friends. If it is over the internet, then a wmv will do fine and WMM will allow you to do that but if you want to put it on DVD (the quality won't be good - if shot using a webcam compared to an actual digital camcorder) then you will need other software such as Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements 4 which costs about £60.

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    I'm going to have to agree with Nikosony on this in regards to Pinnacle and Adobe Elements. Windows Movie Maker will really limit your creative possibilities.

    I, personally, would recommend Premiere Elements. Some swear by one or the other but we love Adobe at my workplace.

    Also, consider changing your file format to MOV or AVI. You can take advantage of what are called Alpha Channels (layering an image/vid over another) and Pinnacle has similar offerings as well.
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