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Thread: Periodic sound loss

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    Default Periodic sound loss

    Hello. New to this as you will be able to tell, but after 6 weeks of hour upon hour of trying, I am here to ask your help.

    I am capturing AVI using Win-DVR (Same problem with Roxio DVD Capture) All is well at this point. I then encode with TMPGEnc. Thats when the problems start.
    I go to edit using TMPG DVD Author and I find that everything is fine to start with, the sound is in sync with the video, but after a few minutes I lose sound for 2 mins, then back for a few mins then gone for 1-2 mins and so on and so forth.

    Please help.

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    Are you using a constant bitrate for the audio capture?

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    [PAL DVD]
    Format: MPEG-2 DVD
    Win DVR set-up shows this

    Format: MPEG-1 Layer II
    Sampling Rate: 48.0 kHz 16-bit Stereo
    Bit Rate: 224 KBits/sec

    Size: 720x576
    Frame Rate: 25.00 frames/sec
    Bit Rate: 7200 KBits/sec

    Bit Rate: 7715 KBits/sec
    File split size : 4063 MBytes.
    Total record time : 1316 minutes

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    No one got any ideas? :(

    Since I posted, I have tried encoding just the Audio on ES Audio only setting.
    I notice the progress bar stops every so often, so I logged the times. When I then play the audio only, I get the dropped sound patches and the Audio starts back again at exactly the times that I had logged.

    Surely this is not a hardware problem?
    I have a pentium 2.8gig with 1 gig of memory. I also have a 120gig Serial ATA hard drive.

    Any veiws? Anyone?


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