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    Default Hi - I'm new here

    Hi all, from a new member.

    Well, first of all, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have been interested in video and photography for a few years now. I'm 21 years old, looking for a firmly-fixed hobby that I'm going to enjoy.

    I have a mac (I can hear those groan from the back of the class!) and I use Final Cut Pro... a fantastic program for wannabe videographers like me, but it's so hard to use. I have low self confidence (basically anything I do looks crap) and can't grasp my new project that I have dived into.

    I am from the UK and use BSL. I am hearing but my girlfriend is deaf, and we use sign language to communicate. Our families have not had the opportunity to learn sign language so I thought it would be a good idea to make a Sign Language DVD for our families so that they can at least pick up one or two signs, to make it easier on my girlfriend AND me (so that I am not interpreting all the time)

    Does anyone know the best way of making a sign language DVD? I sat my girlfriend down, filmed her with my Samsung DV cam, and filmed her signing, with 2 or 3 seconds in-between. Does this gap need to be a little longer or is this sufficient? Would fade in/out look good or annoying and unprofessional? I have so many questions and not enough hours to ask them all. Mainly - why does it look cheap and tacky? And why can I not get the effect that I am after?

    Please help and give advice... my question to you is this - what makes a good video?


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    Hi Kieran,

    A how to sign dvd would be a great use of video. I would say it is best to make a series of chapters, each inroducing a small set of signs - maybe show each one signed in isolation a few times - then in normal conversation - first with a voice over, then without. Just thinking on my feet.

    If you feel your video isnt looking great it might just need jazzing up a bit, try this,

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    Welcome to the forum, hopefully if you stick around for the next 6 to 12 months then your 'crap' videos will no longer be that way. You should read a lot of the previous threads on what makes a good video and start picking up hints and tips on how you can improve your work. No one is an expert when they start out. Basically you need to learn some good pre production skills, then how to shoot your project (yes, I feel like taking a gun to some of mine at times...) and then how to edit it so an audience will want to watch it and enjoy it. And finally how to package it whether you are going to put it on the likes of YouTube or onto DVD.

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    Smile Welcome

    Hi Kieran.

    Just a word of encouragement. When I look back on videos I made a few years ago I groan too! But one does improve with practice, and with reading what other people suggest.

    It's largely trial and error.

    You have chosen a great hobby.

    All best wishes. Frankie.


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