I was wondering if anyone had any experience capturing and using DVCPRO HD footage on a Panasonic p2 system. I have shot a load of arial footage of English countryside and when I preview the footage directly from the camera through a component video lead to a projector it looks great, supper sharp loads of detail and rich colors.

When I capture the same footage onto a Mac Pro through final cut and then connect the Mac to the projector via a VGA lead I'm losing loads of quality. The colors become bleached out and I lose loads of contrast and definition in the image.

Even excluding the projector, if i look at the captured footage on a normal monitor it looks poor.

I'm using the default P2 capture settings in final cut and it applies the DVCPRO HD compressor to the footage. Is this where the problem lies? Does anyone know of an alternative capturing method? Is it an issue with QuickTime?