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Thread: Vista compatible firewire card?

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    Default Vista compatible firewire card?

    Hi all,
    does anyone know of any vista compatible firewire cards around?
    I tried installing an old firewire card in my vista pc and windows wouldnt even boot, so am looking to buy a new one but have read there are very few that support vista.
    Does anyone know of any (preferably cheap), i just want to back up some old DV tapes!!

    cheers in advance

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    I installed a non descript PCI Firewire card into a Windows Vista PC recently from a company called Soho, yeah I never heard of them either. The only name on the packaging was SOHO1394, maybe if you do a search on Google for it you may be able to find out more. It has all I need in terms of having 3 external sockets, IEEE 1394-1995 compliant, supports speeds up to 400Mbps and you can daisy chain up to 63 devices on it. It works fine, the OS (or should that now be called the platform?) picked it up straight away after I restarted the computer and it just has the bog standard Microsoft Windows drivier albeit from 2001.

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    A usb/firewire adapter card should be OS sensitive and if that old card was good it shouldn't have affected Vista opening or not. vista would either detect or not detect New Hardware.

    I don't think firewire adapter cards need OS specific drivers and so long as the adapter card is the right type for the expansion slot you are sticking it into Vista should recognize it.

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