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Thread: Is a 400mps firewire card fast enough to capture DV video?

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    Default Is a 400mps firewire card fast enough to capture DV video?

    Hi, Im looking at getting a firewire card to import footage from my DV camcorder (Sony TRV 22E), ive found this firewire card - Dabs Value 3 PORT FIREWIRE PC CARD (FW003) and just wondering if 400mps is an ample speed.
    Its just to get some old holiday tapes that have been lying around onto my pc, not fussed about anything fancy, just a nice smooth capture. Ive done it before on my ex girlfriend's pc (with a built in firewire port) and that was absolutely fine, im just not sure what speed it was!!

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    The answer is yes, it is fast enough.

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