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Thread: Capturing PC games?

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    Default Capturing PC games?

    I was wanting to find out how to record PC games using an external device. I heard using a camcorder makes it possible, but I only have a 100 budget.
    My current graphics card is a 7600GT, but ill be upgrading to an 8800GT sometime in the next few months, so would it to still work with that.

    Any help is appreciated,

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    I took a look at both video cards you reference and both appear to have an "S" video output and two DVI digital outputs so you should be able to output your PC game images to most any device equipped with an "S" video input like some camcorders and set top VCRs - we have VHS and 8mm decks with "S" video inputs.

    You can also output your game images to a S Video or DVI input provisioned tv and then use the tv's multiple outputs to record.

    Hope I understood the question.

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    Ahh thanks, thats exatly what I was looking for.
    Would it be possible to record on my laptop? (So connect my laptop to my computer, using laptop as a recording device?)

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    If I understand you want to play games on your desktop PC and record the images and sound on a separate device.

    Yes, it could be a laptop but most laptops do not have video and audio inputs so you would need a relatively inexpensive external adapter for your laptop so it can accept the game content and if you are using the S desktop video card output then an adapter with an S video input to connect into USB2 port would cost around $50US.

    If you don't mind my asking what are you planning to do with the PC game images/audio?

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