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    Hello, I am attempting to edit a video using windows movie maker, but I've hit a problem. I would like to be able the make clips from a .mpeg video and then save those clips individualy incase I need to use them in a different program. Windows movie maker only allows me to make the clips and save them all under one file (as a project). I tried to copy the clips in the Windows movie maker display onto the desktop but i could not paste them. Basicaly, I'd like to save individual .mpg clips from one long .mpg. Am I doing something wrong in the program? Or do I need to be using a different program?

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    Never used Movie maker but what you are asking is basic to any editing program.

    Open your big file in the program, trim out the first clip and then render it as an mpeg2 named file. The do the same with clip 2.

    If Movie Maker won't do that then it's not really a basic editing program.

    Spend like $90 for ULead Video Studio OR if you have a DVD burner in your PC it probably came with bundled with a disc of software that will have a ULead or Pinnacle or some other basic editing program or ask your friends about the software that came with their PC dvd burners.

    You should be able to "trim" individual clips and render them out as stand-alone mpeg2 (or whatever format you select) without even creation of a project.

    Once familiar with basic program features you should be able to 'carve' a scene/clip from a larger video file and render it out if a very few minutes.

    The good news is what you are wanting to do is not difficult and pretty quick and easy to do.

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    Hello OCM,

    I'm a novice myself, and generally use Windows Movie Maker (it's lacking quite a bit, but works fine for basic video editing, and is actually better that some of the programs that you have to pay for...). There are two problems here. #1: Movie Maker only exports .avi and .wmv formats (as far I as I know), and #2: I don't believe there is any way to batch export the clips you make to individual movies in one shot. Problem #1 is easy to address; get a conversion program (like ERight's SUPER! It's free, and pretty powerful), and convert your clips from the .avi and .wmv files that WMM makes (and, it CAN do batch processing). However, I don't think there is a work around for #2. You would have to drag one clip onto the storyboard, export it, clear the storyboard, drag another clip, export, repeat... I have the same problem myself, especially if I want to create different clips from the same input file. The best you can do, is to make a copy of your original collection file (before you do any chopping!), and paste a copy of itself as a sort of "node" under the original collection. So for example, you import "Video1.avi", which shows up as "Video1" in the collections list. Then, make a copy of the "Video1" collection (right click, copy), and then past it on top of itself. It will create a "Video1" collection identical to the original, under itself. You can even rename it (for example, "Video1_Project1"); this way, you can chop it up to your hearts content, delete unused clips, etc., and then if you want to make new clips, you can simply make another copy of the original "Video1" collection, paste it under itself, and start anew... Hope this helps.

    - dasinmd

    P.S. - If you want to look at a new program for editing (not conversion, I don't think you can do better than ERight...), if you want something relatively simple to use, I'd recommend downloading a trial of Ulead VideoStudio11. I found I could get going with some of the cooler features, within 5 minutes of installing (for example, I could create video comprised of four clips, running in four different quadrants at once!). I tried Premiere elements as well (with, BTW, is a 2 GB file you'll have to download and install - got a couple days?), and was a bit disappointed. If you are up to some homework, VirtualDub is a free (from SourgeForge) and powerful editing program, but it's quite complex, and lacks a pretty UI that novices like me enjoy... ; )

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