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Thread: How to make Images in Video Fade out?

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    Default How to make Images in Video Fade out?

    Okay, here's the deal. I am currently trying to make a 'Music Video' for Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day.
    The only problem I am having at this point is how to make images fade out. The song has a part where it says 'and I walk alone' and I would like to make it so there are people in the scene, but then they fade out and the main person continues walking.

    I only have experience with regular pictures fading out, like in Photoshop.

    How would I go about doing this, or what program should I use to do this?? I would love a free program the most.

    (Sorry about the double post, didn't mean for that to happen.)


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    You are way beyond my usual experience. My guess is that during video scenes where the background and some people remain while others fade away - like when Capt. Kirk beams down from the Enterprise you use a variety of Chroma Keying.

    The people who will fade from the picture are shot separately in front of a light blue or green background and then imposed over the background image so those separately shot people or things or whatever can fade in or out.

    Other thing you can try is have people walking together then stop shooting the video - have some of the people leave the set - and then start shooting again and if done right it looks like they vanished leaving one person walking alone - kinda like what they did in the old days in show like Betwitched - Samantha would wiggle her nose - everyone would freeze in place - the magically disappeared item or person would leave the set - and then film would roll again.

    Okay - that's my shot at this - good luck.
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    The technique is called a Jump Cut, where you stop filming a scene, something changes in it and you start filming again all with the camcorder mounted on a tripod so it doesn't move. Instead of having a person being onscreen one moment and disappearing the next, you want to try and put in a video transition like a cross dissolve (experiment with different transitions to see which ones work best) to make their disappearing act much smoother for the viewer. I remember Bewitched aswell, Samantha was HOT.

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