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Thread: Sony Handycam Problems... PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Default Sony Handycam Problems... PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have recently bought a Sony DCR 72E 60gb HDD camcorder and am having problems.

    I filmed a couple of clips and then transferred the video to my PC using the provided Sony software. The video plays perfectly in the supplied Sony Picture Motion Browser and I can view my video and audio perfectly.

    I have saved all of my video into "My Videos" folder in my documents but if I try and play the video clip in any other program such as Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time, Pinnacle Studio 10 I can view the video but there is no audio at all.

    When I look at the folder where the clips are saved for every clip there are 2 files with the same file name (1 has a thumbnail of the clip - which plays the video) and the other is a MODD file, a format not recognised by Windows XP (I can only assume that this is the audio part to the clip).

    So basically I can only watch my videos in the Sony software which is no good as I want to start editing my footage in Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Elements. Is there an error with my camcorder or am I doing somthing wrong?

    I'm a complete novice to these forums so I would be extremely grateful for any advice to help me solve these problems.

    Many many thanks in advance


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    Default Sony Handcam Problems

    I posted a message just yesterday about the very same thing so although I can't help you it makes me feel better that I am not alone so again help please from anyone!!


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    Talking Sony Handycam Problem

    Two weeks ago i bought a Sony DCR 72E 60gb HDD camcorder
    this little thing looks beautiful, so the wife was convinced to pay for it
    and like a dutiful wife she paid without a murmur ha!ha

    so far things are looking good the video are looking nice and sharp when played on the Plasma television
    I have just upload my first attempts onto the computer for further editing
    using a USB cable & Picture Motion Browser Ver.2.0.06 for windows
    (All supplied by the mighty Sony)

    I was hoping to add a few titles and maybe a few music clips
    And that is the start of my problem

    The supplied Picture Motion Browser is a total waste of time, what a load of rubbish
    so i played the video in RealPlayer Ver.11.0.3 instead
    I certainly was never going to add a few titles using sony Picture Motion Browser, no sir.

    And so I called up on my old faithful friend Ulead VideoStudio ver.8.0
    Importing the video from my computer hard drive into Ulead VideoStudio
    Has created a sound problem VideoStudio is now playing the video without sound

    Could it be ver.8.0 is not compatible with SONY DCR-SR72 &

    MS Windows XP SP2
    AMD ATHLON XP 1500+
    thank you in advance SONY Handycam DCR-SR72E 60GB Camcorder: Compare Prices, View Price History and Read Reviews at NexTag

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    To all of you download a 30 day trial version of Sony Vegas Platinum and see if that fixes your problem.

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    Default this may help

    Quote Originally Posted by oceanview View Post
    Two weeks ago i bought a Sony DCR 72E 60gb HDD camcorder
    this little thing looks beautiful, so the wife was convinced to pay for it
    and like a dutiful wife she paid without a murmur ha!ha

    so far things are looking good .......
    your problem may resolve in a easy way: try to instal a codec pac such as Ace mega codeck pack. you don't hear anything because your computer don't have a codec for that type of audio....try this before instaling any other programs
    I also have a Sony DCR-SR 72E and i don't have any problem, i had edditing videoclips with Ulead studio 8. or smth like that and surprise my mouvies/compilation did work
    I hope that was usefully and excuse my english

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    With a hard drive camcorder don't bother with the software that comes with it, just use your usual editing program.

    Plug the camcorder into your pc via the usb, then the pc will see the camera's drive as just another drive.
    Plug cam in,
    go to "my computer"
    >select/double click the new drive/camcorder
    > Select all the files
    >right click > copy to a hard drive on the pc
    >after files have been copied safely eject the camera/hard drive
    >unplug camera
    >open editing program
    >import files.

    I've done this with many different types of hdd camcorder.
    I use sony vegas pro 8, haven't had any problems yet with this method.


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