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    Default Vegas audio encoding...

    I using Vegas 8 and Sound Forge 9, when rendering video in Vegas there is no way to encode audio using MP3 plugin or AC-3 or any other plugins from Sound Forge, theres only Mpeg Layer 3 54kBit/s, 24 KHz option, should i purchase additional encoder and will it work with Vegas?

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    Are you using a demo version?

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    No, full version.

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    I have to use some third party program to encode audio after i done editing in Vegas, is this only way?

    Anyone who uses Vegas 7/8 can offer some solutions?

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    Hmmm - never noticed that one befor.

    If I render as mp3 audio only I can select any bit rate, but when the mp3 is rendered as part of a divx video the max is 56kbit.

    I have no idea why this should be so or how to 'fix' it.

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