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Thread: Exporting HELP with Adobe Premiere Pro!

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    Default Exporting HELP with Adobe Premiere Pro!

    Hi all, I am new here but I have been struggling with this problem in my editing for nearly 4 months now, and it’s become quite an serious issue, and BIG problem to me… To be honest it sounds basic, but I have tried everything I can thing of to resolve it, and have asked all people I know who could have helped me for information but no luck. Here it is… When I have finished editing my videos, and I have then exported them from Adobe Premiere Pro, all the loud beats / sounds in the video have come out as sharp crackling, some of the audio has been made a bit louder in parts when giving a louder dB point using a keyframe, but even when they have not been altered there is still crackling? Also, when I am editing with a song that has slight beats in it, some times even that exports as crackling. I really need some help with this problem, if anybody has any advice to give, or knows how to resolve this please tell me! Do I have to edit the export settings in a certain, specific way I do not know, or do i need another program to change this ? I am not someone who knows all the ins and outs of my Adobe programs so if any instructions could be explained that would be great!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default More Info

    OK sorry all, here are all the specs i am Exporting with. i am only exporting the video files to my harddrive, and yes they are videos i have recorded my self at 25fps (frames per second) I am using a Packard Bell Imedia computer and advent speakers(I have also checked on other computers and speakers but all the same).
    The “Exporting settings” are:

    File type – Microsoft DV AVI
    Range – Work Area Bar
    Embedding options – Project and/or none

    Compressor – DV (PAL)
    Color Depth – Millions of colours
    Frame size – 720h 576v 4:3
    Frame Rate - 25.00 fps
    Pixel Aspect Ratio – D1/DV PAL
    100% quality

    Keyframe and Rendering
    Rendering options
    Fields – either “Lower field first”, or “No fields (progressive scan)”
    Optimize stills

    Compressor – (Only option available) Uncompressed
    Sample rate – 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz
    Sample type - (Only option available) 16 bit (same as camcorder, also 16 bit)
    Channels - (Only option available) stereo
    Interleave – “none” or “1 frame”

    I have tried all with all possible combinations, and nothing has changed, please help!!


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    As your problems are really 'sound' issues my best advice to you is to downlaod the montly trial of something like Adobe Audition or Soundbooth and do your audio editting in that rather than in Premiere. You'll have much much better control and flexibility over your sound from there.

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    Ok thats great i'll try that!... but what i was thinking, is it so much the "editing of the sound" which these programs are designed to do, or is it the actual "exporting" itself?? anything to help with the exporting??

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    You might want to check the audio mixer that the sound is not "in the red" when it is being played. By lowering the volume I solved this same issue.

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