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Thread: Original Date / Time Stamp in Media Manager

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    Default Original Date / Time Stamp in Media Manager

    I'm using Vegas 8.0a (Build 179)

    Is there a way to get the Date/Time Stamp field to show in the Media Manager view of clips? I see it in the Project media window but I can't find the field to add to the Media Manager window.

    I really want this field exposed in the media manager so I can properly sort and tag my clips.

    Thank you very much to whomever can answer!


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    Hi Jim,


    1] Date/Time Stamp appears within Project Media

    2] The Date/Time Stamp information appears as "Recorded" information within Event Properties GENERAL

    3] In Media Manager neither "Recorded" nor "Time/Stamp" make an appearance

    4] However, there IS the "Original" date, but this reflects the actual date that the Media was placed on my hard drives.

    5] I have a "Tape Name" filled within Project Media, when I ADD this as a column the column is not filled.

    6] When I add a column "Timecode In" it gets filled

    7] When I add a column "Timecode Out" it gets filled

    8] When I add a column "Duration" it gets filled

    9] I have EVEN manually ADDED my own Time/Date Stamp column - yes you CAN do this - it does NOT get filled.

    10] Also from within: Event > Properties > General

    a) Tape Name is there
    b) Recorded is there
    BUT ..
    c) The Event is not Tagged, but it is! I can demonstrate this.

    To me this implies some need for clarification. I read your same post on the "other" forum and your question remains sticking in my mind.



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