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    Hi, new to the forum - i have been given a project where I have to take a 15 minute section of a popular movie, record alternate dialogue, and insert it over the original dialogue. The finished product will then be projected on a screen.
    I am a total newbie to the video editing world - I need a program, preferrably cheap or free, that can rip the 15 minute sequence from a DVD to my computer. I will be picking up a digital voice recorder that I can upload to my computer from.

    What is the best software for a project like this, and will I have any problems damping out the dialogue track to superimpose my dialogue?

    Sorry if this isn't the proper place to post a question like this, please let me know if it should be in one of the other forums. Thanks in advance!

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    Respectfully, your biggest problem will be acquiring the rights to use the footage in the video you intend to 'rip'.

    Who set you a project (school/client) thatinvolves 'ripping' a DVD then? curious.

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    This is a work-related project for a work-only gathering. We are changing the dialogue to be company-specific and humorous, to show at our end-of-the-year party.

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    A business should be sensitive to need to obtain the rights from the owner of the movie content - whether a 15 second or 15 minute clip. It's actually a Federal Offense to copy commercial movies or pieces of them though back up copies of your personally purchased movies is probably okay - okay to me but I'm not a lawyer - something to do with precedent court rulings about personal fair use of purchased recorded media.

    Now to answer your question from a technical perspective. If you truly haven't done any digital PC editing best idea is to go to corporate A/V support cause what you describe ain't that easy - well it is once you know how to do it.

    I think you can still find free downloads of a utility called DVDShrink which will decrypt most movies and compress them to fit on a single layer DVD disc.

    Then you will need to transcode the .vob decrypted video files to something manageable in timeline of a simple video editing program - this is "ripping" and there are a number of programs that will do this - I think mediacoder is a free download that will do this.

    Then you will need to isolate the scene you want to use. Then you will need to import and manually sync up the audio you want to over-dub/insert/add to the video.

    Then you will need to render this edited program to a file type to support whatever you plan to use to show/project. Better run this little scheme by Corporate Legal before even thinking about getting started.

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