Hey. Thanks for the site creators in allowing us to pimp our links.

To those of you that may be interested, we are a new not-for-profit company based in Slough that offer affordable filmmaking equipment to local artists with discounted rates for non-profit community groups, andfurther discounts for students, recent graduates and the unemployed.

There is a variety of digital video cameras, tripods, lighting, sound kit and post-production facilities. An annual membership is required, this ensures our low rates, and wil enable members to make money by loaning their own kit through us to other members.

Price examples.

Canon XL1s camera for one day;
45 for student/graduate/unemployed, 55 for not for profit group, 65 for company/freelancer

Our website: SL1DE - Slough Digital Enterprise

I hope this is use to some of you, message me back if you have any queries. I'm off to browse the sound forum!