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Thread: Is there an effect for camara shaking?

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    Default Is there an effect for camara shaking?

    I have a piece of footage that shakes a lot? I like to know if there is anything I can do to fix it inside Premiere Pro. I know there is something on After Effects but It just doesn't work.

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    this "something in after effects". Would it be the motion tracking functionality? If so and you know how to drive it properly and can;t get good results then I suspect your footage is simply unsuitable. All anti-shake effects will rely on some sort of tracking.

    You may have picked bad tracking points or given the thing bad tracking areas or may have just used the wrong tracking routine. Or maybe you are just using interlaced footage and the tracking s/w is having a hard time tracking at the pixel level.

    After After Effects (no pun intended) you need to start looking at Mocha for really serious tracking.

    Can you post a small clip of your footage somewhere? Maybe I can help.

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    Default yes I know about "Motion Traking"

    I have an idea on how it works, that isn't really the problem. The problem I have is opening its panel....??? I think is more like a technical software problem, I don't know why it won't work. Here is what I do:

    I go to,

    1. window
    2. workspace
    3. Motion Tracking

    and guess what? the panel is no were to be seen. I also tried "All Panels" instead of the "Motion Tracking" and everything appears except for that one. I don't know probably I have to change something on my preferences?

    I use After Effects 7 (am a beginner)

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    So I take it then that you haven't used the motion tracking in AE because you can't get at it.

    Back in v7 there was (and still may be) two version of AE. The standards and Pro editions. I think maybe the tracking stuff is in the pro edition so you just may not have it. Sorry if that's the case. The panel may just be appearing as a tab in a section of the screen already displayed so may be 'hiding' sort of.

    best I can do to show you how to stabilise your footage is direct you to the 'face warp' tutorial over at videocopilot which uses it extensively - and is a fun idea to play with as well

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    One of the advantages of Premiere Elements over Pro, in version 4 there is an anti shake/Video Stabilizer effect that does a very nice job of getting rid of unwanted camera movement. There are other tools as well but it would be cheaper to buy Premiere Elements 4, import the DV-AVI footage and run it through the Video Stabilizer filter and export.

    If you want to try something, here is a free video stabilizer download from - Free Download Page The stabilizer is about 1/2 way down the page.

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    Well the thing is that I have Premiere Pro, actually I have the Creative Suite Production Studio Standard. I guess thats why the motion tracking is not enable in AE7(standard), Right now am download loading a free trial of AE CS3 to stabilize my video, but also since this software is free also Ill give it a try. thank you

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    Default hhrrr

    Ok I installed the "SteadyMove" plugin that came with my Adobe software; I didn't work. It didn't stabilize a thing, all it did was ZOOM IN!

    Is there a better plugin out there better than this one. Or a software that will do the job. After some research I found out that Motion Tracking Controls are disable on my standard version of AE7

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    You can download and try the clip in the Premiere Elements 4 Trial.

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    How big is the clip that needs steadying? If you can upload it somewhere then I don;t mind doing it for you. Shouldn't take long if the clip is quite short.

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry if I repeat some info but hopefully it'll be useful. This is a way we go about stabilization at DCD. Hopefully all the steps here are covered!

    In AE, do the following:

    1: Double click on the clip you want to stabilize.

    2: Click on Window...Tracker Controls

    3: Click Stabilize Motion. Make sure Position and Rotation are selected as well for the smoothest effect.

    Two boxes will appear. The "Search Region" and the "Feature Region." The "Search Region" limits what AE is looking at. The "Feature Region" is the region in which AE will be looking at to help stabilize the motion. Inside of these boxes is the "Attachment Point." This is the specific spot in which AE will use to help identify the object you're looking to stabilize.

    4: Apply Your Tracking Points.

    5: Go to Motion Stabilizer Options, Click Luminance and blue a few pixels. Also select Subpixel Positioning and Adapt Feature on Every Frame. Also set confidence to "Extrapolate Motion."

    6: Select Analyze forward.

    7: Select Apply

    8: Add a Null. Parent the footage to it.

    9: Adjust Null until footage looks straight.

    10: Scale up the frame so you don't see the bouncing around. Shouldn't have to enlarge it too much.

    It takes trial and error sometimes but hopefully this will get you started on the right path!
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