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    Exclamation battery delimia

    This is just an example of batteries:

    Say take a AA(single battery) and on its
    outside is printed 1.5 volts. All is good.

    You put 4 of these in a camera etc and
    that the camera runs on 6.0 volts. Ok

    Now a rechargeable battery AA shows
    1.2 volts and the camera holds 4 batteries
    but now the voltage is only 4.8 volts
    You can't add another battery to make
    6.0 volts. will this mess up the camera?

    I know my car's 12 volt(s) system runs
    well at 12 or approximately 14.3+
    when charging but if it is 1.2 volts
    short ie 10.8 it will not start or run
    the radio etc.

    what is up ??

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    Most AC and DC powered equipment has an allowance either side of the quoted power rating, in other words it can take power from as low as 4.8V right up to 6V and nothing will happen to it. Mains AC power is quoted as running from 220V to 240V so it has an allowance of 20V to cover everything in between.

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