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    Default Bad wind

    Is it possible to 'clip'/reduce wind noise in Elements 3.0 using the audio filters?

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    Truthfully, I think you'll get nowhere with Elements.

    You may do better by downloaidn ghte trial version of Audition from Adobe and having a go in there. Still if this is wind noise on the mic you'll still do really well to get rid of it but you'll have amore sucfcess in Audition than you ever will in Elements.

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    Premiere Elements contains many of the Adobe Audition filters but it is not the best audio tool that is true. You can try the DeNoiser, Notch Filter and the Dynamics Effect, they may lower the noise enough for you. If not, you can try the free program Audacity, it has some nice noise cancelling/filtering effects that have been known to improve audio by removing background noise.

    That said, wind noise can be the hardest to get rid of or even reduce. It is best to consider the wind before you shoot as it is hard to clean up in post. Audition may help more, and there are other audio tools available but they can get quite expensive.

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    Default distractions

    Thanks for the input guys.

    The worst of this problem is, I had a wind gag, but never fitted it. Part of the short we were shooting had our leading lady getting out of a Ferrari 360, I think we took our eye off the ball a little with the school boy grins at the car.

    I'll see what the filters do, if it's still too bad, I guess I add a piece of soundtrack over the top.

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