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Thread: Two new user questions

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    Default Two new user questions

    Hello everyone and happy new year. I am new to the site and have likely two basic questions.

    I am doing a :30 slide show with several still images, but need a logo in the bottom corner of the entire video. Is this possible without having to put it on every image?

    My last question is from a previous video that I created. (You will have to forgive me because I had to teach the program to myself in about 4 hours. So I know I am limiting its opportunities.) How do I make sure that each image fits the screen. In my last video the black border changed when some of the stills changed. I want each image to fit to the screen and stay the same during the video's duration.

    Thanks for any tips and let me know if I need to further clarify.

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    Maybe I can help on the first of your questions by providing this YouTube tutorial, but your second question is an area that I don’t have that much experience in, so I have to let that one go; but try this for the watermarking:

    YouTube - Adding a watermark or video bug logo in Sony Vegas

    And by the way “Welcome” to the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingFisher99 View Post
    How do I make sure that each image fits the screen.
    Hi and welcome.
    To make the image fit the screen you need to do one of the following
    1: Make sure your image has the same aspect ratio as your project - that is if your project is 16:9 make sure your images are all 16 x 9
    2: Crop the images within Vegas to force them to be the same aspect ratio as your project.
    3: Stretch (disfigure) the image to match your output aspect ratio.

    (1) is achieved outside Vegas
    (2) & (3) are achieved using Pan & Crop....
    each event (eg your images) on the timeline will have two icons down the left hand side (three icons if it's generated media). The top (middle) one is the pan/crop icon. Click on it and the pan/crop window will open up. Play with this a while, whilst watching the results in the preview window. You'll learn far quicker that way than if I give you step by step instructions (to say nothing of me avoiding RSI)


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    Default Thank you

    Thank you for all of your responses. You answered my question.

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    Not usually something I would recommend, but for one day only there is a giveaway of a watermarking / logo placement s/w solution at...

    Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Video Watermark Factory - Powerful yet simple-to-use solution for video editing and copyright protection.

    About 22 hours left of the giveaway.

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