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Thread: How do I remove shimmering effect

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    Default How do I remove shimmering effect

    I have been using still digital photos and incorporating them into Sony Vegas in order to be able to pan and zoom etc across the photo by using the movie software. Unfortunately after rendering and when playing the resultant movie, most of the photos produce a "shimmering" or "flaring effect" on the screen.

    It particularly appears on photos of sea or building structures eg around windows or telegraph lines and only seems to occur when I am zooming or moving across the phot image.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to eliminate or at least reduce this effect as it is distracting when viewing the movie.

    What causes this? Anyone know?

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    Not entirely sure about this but I suspect you need to reduce the size of the stills quite a bit. Remember SD video is only 720 x (depends on whether PAL or NTSC) albeit rectangular pixels. Give it a try - nothing to lose.

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    Tim has a good point and I have question.

    Just a question concerning how you are rendering your photos, and perhaps an experiment to try; could you take a short clip of a photo or two that this effect appears in and try rendering in AVI, just to see if the “shimmering” effect still appears?

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    OK, I have been having the same problem and this is was fixed it. You need to scale down the size and resolution of the photos (unfortunately) using photoshop or a photo editor. I dropped mine down to 72dpi and either 720 width or 480 height depending on the picture (keeping original aspect ratio). Is it a vertical or horizontal picture? That will determine which size you go with. Doing this to all the photos that I zoomed in on turned out to have no to little flickering. Give it a try an post your results.

    I also use the flicker remover in my editor and my DVD authoring software but this never helped before scaling down the resolution of my photos. My theroy is that the compression is just too much for the standard editing software.

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