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Thread: In what OS is Premiere 6.5 best?

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    Default In what OS is Premiere 6.5 best?

    Will Premiere 6.5 be better off in Windows 2000 or XP? I am particular on stability. Performance is secondary. But if Premiere 6.5 is not noticably different in terms of stability when run under the 2 OSs, then I would go for where it runs faster.

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    I use Premier Pro in XP Professional and it has only crashed one and that was due to a crouped video file so i would say its pretty stable in xp

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    try it on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum!

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    Are you joking? Those things were less stable than window 95 Seem to remember taking tapes back cos they wouldn't load - or being recommended that I try loading a copy!!!

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