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Thread: Teaser Trailer of my Upcoming Movie

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    Default Teaser Trailer of my Upcoming Movie

    Hi All,
    I wish you a Very Happy New Year.
    I am currently making a 1+ hours movie with my handycam.

    Please watch the Teaser trailer at

    Or download from
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    (better quality)

    Thank You,
    Ravi Vide

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    Hi Jag - like the trailer and look forward to the film - you are a one man bollywood! I remember your earlier films fondly.

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    Hey! Jagdish is back!

    Great to see that you're still making films. As Mark said "our one-man Bollywood". I really love the intensity your actors put into their roles. Wonderful!

    As for the trailer... Well it made me want to see the finished film. So, it does the job!

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    what makes it for me is the music and sounds used... its so well timed with the editing giving it the true emotion of being SCARED!!!

    I liked it allot - when is the general release?

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    Very cool indeed, what cam are you using out of interest??

    Im not sure what its about from the trailer but i like it anyway!

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    Hi All,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Rude Reality, It will be ready by April 6th,2008.
    moonmin troll, The camera is Sony 755E DVD Camera.
    This movie is a suspence/horror movie.

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